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Main activities:

The proposed project comprises two main types of activities:

The first one aims to monitor and assess the state of degradation of peatlands (this activity is necessary because the state of peatlands has changed considerably since the previous evaluation, which was carried out within the PeatRO project), to assess the peatland ecosystems, the hydrogeological and geomorphological regime, to evaluate the physico-chemical characteristics of the peat layer and water sources.

The second type of activities includes ecological rehabilitation works and aims to reduce/eliminate the impact of grazing, to restore the optimal water regime, to eliminate invasive vegetation and biomass of grassy and dead wood vegetation, as well as a recolonization of characteristic vegetation in phytocoenological degraded areas and landscaping thematic paths, both for educational purposes and for the realization of a guided tourism, with low impact on peatlands.

The project has an administrative management component, and the expertise of the Project Implementation Unit staff covers all proposed activities.

Rehabilitation of wetlands and peatlands in the Center Region (RePeat)
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